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Here at we like to keep things simple.

All we need from you is a copy of your Word document and a cover image. Cover images should be at least 768 x 1024 px. If you don’t know what this means feel free to contact us for clarification.

We will check your document for you BEFORE you commit to using our service and let you know of any issues there may be. We have some tips for setting up your Word document HERE.

You can email your documents directly to us at or use the form below.

Our standard pricing structure is as follows:

Fewer than 10,000 words = £29 GBP / $44 USD approx.

10,000 – 100,000 words = £49 GBP / $74 USD approx.

100,001 – 250,000 words = £65 GBP / $97 USD approx.

Your ebook is 100% guaranteed to pass retailer file check requirements and we will even make limited revisions for free.