Below are a selection of testimonials from a few of our happy customers:

Publishing my first ebook was a daunting process. After spending 18 months crafting my manuscript, I was ready to take the plunge and distribute online. I wanted perfection. I wanted to make sure I gave my readers a product that was worthy of the money they would pay for it. Ben and his team at makemyebook were fantastic, communicating with me quickly and returning my formatted eBook within the promised 48 hours. They are fast, efficient, and proficient with what they do. I’ll be coming to them again when I’m next ready to publish.
Peter Schneider – The Hunting Grounds

I am an Indie author. As all Indie authors know, the number of hours we invest turning a story idea into a manuscript fit for a book, is beyond measure. Why shouldn’t I make certain my e book looks every bit as good as any e book marketed by the big publishing houses?
In the online author communities I belong to, many of my fellow authors claim it is not all that difficult to master the conversion process. Too often, I saw unsatisfactory end products.
Some of the ebook marketers offer the convenience of an automatic converter app on their websites. I ran my manuscript through those apps a number of times and the result was consistently unacceptable.
Converting that precious manuscript into a digital publishing file is the last step in the Indie process, so I gave lots of attention to reviewing the esthetics of e books on the market. I certainly did not want for my book to fall on the homestretch.
That is where makemybook.com comes in. Ben Bryant at makemyebook obviously shared the same point of view. He wants to do what it takes to turn out an esthetically pleasing, functional product. I found Ben very communicative and accommodating. When things didn’t work quite right on the first go-around, Ben instantly went into action and found the problem. In the end, I got exactly what I was after. Best of all, the turn-around time on the project was quick and efficient.
There are bigger, more expensive and definitely slower to respond e book conversion services out there, but in my experience you won’t find any better.
That is why I wanted to write this note of praise and send it off to makemybook.com
Thanks Ben.
D Grant Fitter – City of Promises

I am so happy I found www.makemyebook.com. After I uploaded my files and made payment I was contacted soon after and reassured that everything was in good order and that I should receive my converted files a day sooner than the guaranteed deadline. And as promised the converted files arrived in great time! The before and after customer service is lightning quick too, very helpful and extremely attentive. I have no hesitation in recommending this service to fellow authors and publishers. All in all, value, quality and an amazingly efficient. friendly service rolled into one!
Chris Sullivan – The Joy of Quitting Cannabis

makemyebook.com offered me a great service in my hour of need. All correspondence was answered immediately and so clearly, I had no difficultly understanding what to do in the process. True to your word the formatted versions arrived within 24-hours and my book downloaded so easily onto Amazon Kindle and appeared to the reading public just as I had wanted to see it. Thank you so much for both eBook formats.
Richard Iddon – Tears at Midnight

Thank you for your fantastic service, great value, quality files, fast turnaround and follow up, what more could I want. Will definately use this service again.
Editor, BlackWattle Publishing. Australia

Excellent,courteous service,fast delivery and good value ,will definitely use this service again in the future,
Thanks again makemyebook.
Victoria Sutherland – The Mango Tree

“As a first-time attempt at Authoring an e Book, I was only aware of things I wanted to say. Formatting? I had no idea about How. Makemyebook services is the ONLY reason I was able to bring it to life! I researched many services before contacting makemyebook. They were “Pleasingly affordable” for the Fast-Service I received . Now as I’m a “Veteran” Author, I will continue to use their Services for any and all e Book projects. As Proof of my authenticity and sincerity you may see my Author and Book listing: “America 2013-2015, MELTDOWN” by: Author-Agent 2013 US on Amazon Kindle books. This is NOT a solicited Testimonial for makemyebook. Although I’m not affiliated with makemyebook.com, I highly recommend them to anyone with a “6” out of 5 Stars!
Agent 2013 US – America 2013-2015, MELTDOWN